Wolf Creek: Season One (DVD)
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Wolf Creek: Season One (DVD)

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In the world of movies turned into TV shows, Wolf Creek ranks up there with Ash Vs. Evil Dead in being able to bring what made the movies special to the TV screen. John Jarratt is back as Mick. He brings the folksy nightmare back. He’s also allows a bit more time to give a true feeling of what makes his killer tick. Like Breaking Bad, this is a show that you need to watch on a large screen TV to absorb the exteriors. Your eyes will be filled with the rugged and unforgiving beauty of the Outback. The violence level in the film is enough to scare the squeamish and please the devoted. This isn’t PG-rated TV. The fact that it’s a six episode miniseries helps keep a pace that feels like a movie yet plays like a TV show. The sixth episode is a third act and not merely a set up for season 2. Wolf Creek works better on DVD because you don’t have the action and tone slaughtered by commercial breaks. This time saver will allow you to watch all the episodes in one binge sitting.