Walt Disney's Peter Pan (2-Disc Platinum Edition) DVD
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Walt Disney's Peter Pan (2-Disc Platinum Edition) DVD

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The Platinum Edition of Peter Pan is absolutely packed with special features that include everything from Walt Disney’s own words about why he made Peter Pan to interviews with animators, producers, historians, and film critics; games; activities; and songs. More “backstage” features include a 15-minute “making of” segment that looks at 1940’s and 1950’s animation technology and the challenges posed by transforming J. M. Barrrie’s well-known story, stage play, and silent film into a believable animated film and an 8-1/2 minute featurette that focuses on Tinker Bell’s character, its animation, and Margaret Kerry’s experiences as a real-life model for the character. Most intriguing is a 7-1/2 minute featurette based on a 1953 magazine article that provides a rare chance to hear, in Walt Disney’s own words, his thoughts, motivations, and ultimate goal of creating a children’s world where adults and children could feel they belonged in Peter Pan. Equally fascinating is the 21-minute “The Peter Pan That Almost Was” segment detailing the developmental stages of the Peter Pan story and the multiple versions considered as Walt Disney and his crew strove to make the most powerful film possible. Disney’s Peter Pan is a truly classic film, and the abundance of special features included in this Platinum Edition make it a must have for all ages.