Vikings: Season Four Vol. 1 (DVD)
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Vikings: Season Four Vol. 1 (DVD)

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“Vikings” when the season starts, Ragnar has been regarded as hopeless. may be killed at any time. There is no doubt that the power struggle is fierce, who want to get the maximum benefit after the death of Ragnar. Whether Ragnar is alive or dead, he had to Floki the scores to settle (in the season ending he revealed himself already know Athelstan for Floki killed), Rollo and the scores to settle (Rollo intends to marry the daughter of the emperor of France and stay in Paris, Ragnar and Bjorn swore in the second year to attack Paris). Ragnar’s other kids have grown up (replacing some of the actors), and they can have more stories. In history, Ragnar’s children are more famous than he is. Ivor’s story is very important in the fourth quarter. Lagertha has a good story line this season.