The Night Manager: The Complete Series (DVD)
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The Night Manager: The Complete Series (DVD)

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A British veteran who had attended the Iraq war, Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston), retired in a luxury hotel in Cairo, Egypt, as the night manager. Jonathan fell in love with a mysterious woman in the hotel Sophie (Ole Atticaque), Sophie is the largest local gunrunner mistress, she gave Jonathan a private market involving British gangster Richard Oslo Ropp (Hugh Laurie) to the confidential documents, he went to the British intelligence informant, but not long after Sophie was killed because of leaks in the hotel room. The grief stricken Jonathan has worked in a hotel in Zermatt, switzerland.

Four years later, Jonathan went to the inauguration of the arms gangster resort, British female intelligence officer Angela Bull (Olivia Coleman) initiative to find Jonathan, hope he can join their organization, help them to investigate the underground information network and hotel deals. So, in order to give Sophie revenge, to penetrate into the arms of the chiefs of the interior, he let himself become criminals, including undercover.