In-Fisherman: Plastic System Muskies (DVD)
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In-Fisherman: Plastic System Muskies (DVD)

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One Hot Muskie System-Evolution of a Plastic Tactic! We live in a world where traditional approaches for muskies are firmly entrenched-and for good reason, for these approaches have been proven over time. Casting bucktails to cover a lot of water works during certain yearly periods just about everywhere muskies swim. Meanwhile jerkbaits, large tandem spinners, and wide-wobbling crankbaits also produce fish in many situations, casting and trolling. As always, lure choice is a matter of the situation-the yearly period and the habitat being fished. Enter a new system for muskies, relying on the combination of a large bass-style jig in combination with a plastic shad body. Like those systems long proven, this one isn't magic, but has consistently shown its worth in a variety of situations, from early season until season's end. We follow the evolution of this system as first envisioned and then developed by In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange over the course of six fishing seasons. The system remains fundamentally the same, with slight but important changes have occurred along the way.