Grace And Frankie: Season Four (DVD)
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Grace And Frankie: Season Four (DVD)

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When Season 4 began, Frankie (Lily Tomlin) was living in Santa Fe with her boyfriend, Jacob (Ernie Hudson), while Grace (Jane Fonda) had a new roommate Sheree, played by Lisa Kudrow (a reunion for the guest-star—Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman is also a co-creator of Grace and Frankie). Sheree was a manicurist but helped Grace sell the vibrators that Grace and Frankie made on the side. When Frankie returned to town, she admitted how unhappy she was in Santa Fe, which sparked jealously toward Sheree who was monopolizing a lot of Grace’s time. The reunited friends helped Sheree break into her former home in order to help prove her claim of ownership. And with that, just three episodes later, the former Friend was gone—adios Sheree! Grace belongs with Frankie, thankyouverymuch.