Better Call Saul: Season Two (DVD)
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Better Call Saul: Season Two (DVD)

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Before he was Saul, he was small-time, hustling attorney Jimmy McGill (Golden Globe® nominee Bob Odenkirk). Season 2 finds Jimmy leaving shortcuts behind for his budding romance with Kim (Rhea Seehorn). With his stern brother Chuck (Michael McKean) keeping watch and fixer Mike (Jonathan Banks) drawn into a menacing cartel web, how long can “Slippin’ Jimmy” stay on the straight and narrow?

The story follows at the end of season, Albuquerque’s lawyer Jimmy McGill was my brother Chuck’s betrayal, then returned to his hometown and childhood friend Marco Cicero Illinois (Mel Rodriguez) together to plan a series of fraud. They succeeded, but Marco in the last time they do the dirty work when a sudden heart attack. After Marco’s death, Jimmy returned to New Mexico, and his life seemed to have a new meaning. He rejected Santa Fe a large law firm offer, towards the criminal defense lawyer “Saul Goodman” a big step in the direction of his innocence, “upright” days gone. His transformation…… Already started. But the producers repeatedly stressed, you will not see a complete Saul Goodman this season, “Jimmy McGill” is the soul of the drama, “we want to describe his story”, “we won’t be so quick to say goodbye to him.