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New October 2013 Release of the “Studio Ghibli 17 Movie Family Collection” It has all our favorites and now even Poppy Hill, all in English. It does have the Japanese language track as well and optional English Subtitles! This is the Deluxe English Version, “Studio Ghibli 17 Movie Family Collection” on 6 Disc with Custom Slip Cover & Now Poppy Hill as the 17th Movie! Why buy one movie at a time at very high cost, when you can buy 17 of the best Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli movies in one collection for a fraction of the cost of buying individually such a set! These sets are perfect for gift giving, Birthdays, Christmas presents or any reason to share such family friendly movies. Great for young and adults alike! All our favorite animated classics are on this set! We think Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the best animation movies for the whole family to watch & enjoy. It also has “Spirited Away” and so many more! All 17 full length movies have Perfect English Language Sound tracks and are listed below. If you are a fan of Hayao Hiyazaki, you will love the Quality this set has. The English Language track on each movie is great quality, all done with famous American voice talent. It is the best English sound track we have ever had on an animated DVD. Even the mouth movements have been edited to match the English wording. If you have any questions, just ask! We ship same day of payment or if after hours, the next business day! We also use 2x bubble mailers for safe shipping! Please read our positive feed backs on these sets! Thanks! John & Edsy & Allison The 17 Movies are; Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor the Yamadas, Spirited Away, The Cat Returns, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, Mononoke, Totoro, Laputa (Castle in the Sky), Grave of the Fireflies, Whisper of the Heart, Nausicaa, Tales from Earthsea, Ponyo, Pom Poko, Arrietty & Poppy Hill